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Staff Pick
Something We Never Imagined

Something We Never Imagined

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Publication Date: April 28th, 2022
WestBow Press
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Staff Reviews

GOLD WINNER of the 2023 ICBA Christian Fiction Category!

Because we are humans, most of us at some point have let a bad situation form a black hole in our soul.  No matter what happens in life, that black hole lingers, creating a constant aura of anger in our demeanor.  Joy is slowly replaced with anger and love eventually becomes drowned by grudges.  Day by day, we transition into a dark shadow of our old selves, seeing only bad in the world until happiness becomes darkened by anger.

In Something We Never Imagined, Colton made the same mistake.  Overtaken by a previous unfavorable life experience, Colton walked around angry at the world.  He focused so much on his own feelings that he neglected the people who loved him the most.  When Colton impatiently waited for his coffee, he made snide comments about his wait to a stranger in line, named Emma Lee.  Emma Lee was kind but taken aback by the rudeness of this man. Colton finally received his coffee, only to find his order was incorrectly made, then became arrogant at the Barista.  Colton left a first impression on Emma Lee that was less than favorable.  

Due to an unplanned consequence, Colton and Emma Lee find themselves facing each other, again, but this time, it is not at the coffee shop.   Each day brings Emma Lee and Colton closer and they become good friends. Colton questions Emma Lee's faith and deep inside he believes he can get her to be more like him.  Emma Lee has other plans and encourages Colton to face his past and move forward by forgiving and letting his anger go.  Before he does that, he must first find a tiny seed of faith.  He begins his journey to find God, and move forward through forgiveness.  When his faith is once again tested, Colton must choose between his past life of anger or the new path of forgiveness.  Once he realized his heart was forever changed by God, through Emma Lee, he knew what choice he had to make. 

Something We Never Imagined reaches into your soul and warms even the deepest parts.  Anyone can love this book--from non-believers to believers and everyone in between.  

  STAFF PICK and Recommended by the ICBA Panel of Judges! 

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Something We Never Imagined is a story about an intriguing country boy named Colton Dust who moves to Los Angeles to study journalism at USC after graduating from high school in his small hometown. A few years after graduating with a degree in journalism, he finds himself quickly rising up the ranks as a news columnist in LA when his first column at a smaller newspaper catches the eye of the Editor in Chief at the largest newspaper in LA. However, just as he is finally achieving success in his career, he happens to meet a beautiful young woman named Emma Lee Coal who begins to stir something inside of him he had not felt in a long time, but in order to open his heart, he has to encounter a painful experience still haunting him from his past. Even though Emma Lee is initially enchanted by his charming looks, she quickly finds him a bit brash and self-centered. Yet, she also finds herself intrigued to learn more about why he believes what he does, she just isn’t sure if she’ll ever see him again after their first encounter. Then after a twist of fate brings the two of them together again, she begins to help him experience the healing power of forgiveness, but as his life hits a crossroad point, he must decide if he truly has faith and trust in God in order to experience something he never could have imagined.