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The Carpenter and his Bride: The Birth of Hope

The Carpenter and his Bride: The Birth of Hope

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Publication Date: September 29th, 2022
Wordcrafts Press
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Adult Christian Fiction Category!  




The Carpenter and His Bride is a fictional take on the lives of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus. 

Real life facts of Jewish culture and bible facts are intertwined with a fictional storyline.

Paula creates a storyline to fill in the biblical truths surrounding the introduction of Joseph and Mary, their marriage, the announcement of the immaculate conception, the birth of Jesus and more.

Blending bible scriptures with storytelling provides a very entertaining and heartfelt story of Mary and Joseph.

The strong details throughout this book really emphasizes the mental images of the setting and characters.

Informative and captivating read.  

  STAFF PICK and Recommended by the ICBA Panel of Judges! 


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Simeon ben Anaiah, a revered elder of his people who awaited the consolation of Israel, was famed for proclaiming that "every baby's birth is the birth of hope." But when a young couple from Nazareth presents their newborn son at the temple, Simeon realizes his prophecy has been more than fulfilled, for the birth of this child truly is the birth of hope for the whole world.

Yet this tale begins before the birth of the child named Jesus. The Carpenter and his Bride offers a beautiful, stirring-at times surprising-account of the love story between Joseph and Mary as they walk the journey of complete obedience to God's plan of salvation for humanity through His Son.

Joseph is a carpenter, but more than that, he is an artisan who is called upon to work on the construction in nearby Zippori, one of Herod's capital cities. Mary is a demure young woman with a quiet spirit and a yearning toward all things beautiful and artistic. Each is drawn to the other's servant heart, until they both realize that their gentle friendship has grown beyond simple affection into full-fledged love.

Award-winning biblical novelist Paula K. Parker weaved an exciting, inviting tale of young love, romance, political intrigue, and potential disaster as she brings fresh insight into a very familiar story.