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Protecting Faith

Protecting Faith

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Publication Date: September 16th, 2024
Captivate Press
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Pre-K teacher Faith Roberts is running away from a sinister past that left her mostly broken but held together only by her strong faith in God.

Charles Meredith, her abusive ex-fianc can't accept she is gone. He continues to delusionally believe she still loves him.

He found her new hometown and secretly watches her every move.

As Faith fearfully starts her new life, she becomes acquainted with the handsome new officer, named Ryan Madsen, who protects the school she is teaching at.

Ryan is hiding behind an emotional wall caused by the pains of his past.

As Faith and Ryan break down their emotional barriers together, Charles, who is only a knife's edge away from insanity, tries to destroy them both-and anyone who gets in his way.